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Market Price Analysis

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Valuation is an art and a science where experience counts. A First Choice business broker can be instrumental in identifying your business’ hidden assets and arriving at an asking price that fairly reflects the value of your business in today’s market. Your assets, inventory, income statements, property (if any) and equipment will be carefully considered, as well as the intangible assets that make your business appealing.

First Choice’s proven methods of valuing and marketing will put your business in the best possible position to sell. We use a combination of valuation methods, which include taking into consideration not only your current income, but also your past financial history and future projections while adhering to industry standards and comparisons. First Choice Business Sales Professionals are some of the most highly trained professionals in the industry. A proper valuation is a like a great recipe resulting in a perfect dish.

Take advantage of a confidential comprehensive market valuation of your business today with no cost or obligation.

Selling your business is Our Business, talk to a First Choice Business Brokers specialist today about why now is a great time to consider selling your business.